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      ok check it out . if the kids are big enough then put thim to work . put
      your garden where it will have full sun for most of the day.

      honestly i dont
      realy think it matters what side of the house you put it on as long as it gets
      sun on that side . turn your dirt . dont waist your money on testing kits
      unless your gonna start a farm.

      just get some mrcl gro. time releace . your
      dirt needs plenty of nitro.

      potassium calcium and there was something else i
      thank it was magnesium . but the mrcl gro. will cover all of this and it
      should say 10-10-10 and every thing should be fine follow the directions on it
      so you dont burn out your plants .

      another thing is if your dirt is kind of
      clay . the put some peatmoss. so that it will drain and the plants can pull
      nutrients from it also you can take your yard leaves, grass clippings and till
      it in the dirt.

      about 3 inches thick over the garden is good and till it all
      in . all of this is compost . they say its
      supose to be rotted but i bet it will do this just fine after tilled .

      honestly weather your dirt is clay or not your should put this in any
      way. cause its realy good for your plants and it keeps your dirt rich. when
      your done with that.

      then your dirt is prity much ready for your plants . let
      me know if you have any questions or any thing i will be happy to help you out.


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