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      I started gardening when I got married many years ago, so am just trying to
      reach back to when I started. I recall being confused about what I was
      doing….had a beautiful plant thriving in my proudly made new garden, only
      to have a neighbor point out to me that it was a weed….but let me tell you
      it was one beautiful weed! But I soon learned it really wasn’t that
      confusing, or difficult.

      The garden should be placed where it is sunny…and can drain well…not in
      a low spot. The point of a garden is to keep things simple. Spending a lot
      of cash on testing kits isn’t necessary.

      Talk to neighbors, friends, etc.
      in your area…the elderly are great sources of information if they garden.
      Try some easy plants to start with. Carrots, green beans, turnips, &
      lettuce are easy to grow. (You could do potatoes but make sure you have
      seed potatoes, not those that you buy in the grocery store for cooking as
      they are sprayed to stunt growth).

      Mark your rows when you plant the seeds
      with something that won’t wash away, or blow away (yes I’ve done both). The
      dirt should be loose so if it is to compacted, add some peat moss. Rotted
      manure makes a great natural fertilizer.

      The need to fertilize will depend
      on what you grow (peas add back to the soil) and over fertilization can burn
      tender roots. (These are easy to grow but take a lot of room & need
      shelling when ready….I plant mine by a fence so that they are easier to
      pick). Tomatoes can be bought from the greenhouse & make great plants for
      container gardening.

      (These “already started” plants are called bedding
      plants that just need to be transplanted to their new home.)

      Depending upon the weather conditions and growing season where you live will
      determine what you can grow. I’ve seen gardens grow in practically cement
      if they’ve gotten the proper moisture! It really isn’t difficult but takes
      some trial & error.

      Gardening is not really time consuming…a good
      thorough weeding once or twice a season plus the odd picking now and then is
      enough, at least where I live (short growing season!). When I started, I
      drew a map of my garden so I had an idea of what came up where..noted how
      things did & what I did. Considering I didn’t have a clue, I found that it
      quite easy & rewarding.

      I’ve never used compost, and have been told that feeding a composter is an
      art in itself…compost is the breakdown of organic material..I’ll leave
      that subject to more knowledgeable people!

      If you can get a book by Lois Hole, she has some great ones.

      Keep it simple & you’ll be surprised by how quickly you learn. It is
      actually even relaxing to go out & spend some time communing with Mother
      Earth. And as someone else suggested, it’s a great learning experience for

      The can grown their own beans in a cup of dirt & watch it
      grow….I’ve done this with 3 year olds. They are great at taking care of
      things. Good luck on your endeavour..hope I’ve been of some help.

      You can
      do this!!


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