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      This is a list of basic supplies to have in the pantry. Keeping stocked reduces extra trips to the store, saving time and money.

      Some of this is common sense and some is extra, but you’ll be prepared for anything and not have to run to the store because it’s in your pantry or refrigerator.
      coffee and tea
      breakfast foods (cereals, hot and cold; biscuits, meats, etc.)
      macaroni, spaghetti, and noodles
      chocolate and/or cocoa
      butter, lard (if you use it), and cooking oil
      whole-grain and/or all-purpose flour
      granulated, confectioner’s, and brown sugar
      bread and crackers
      fresh, dried, canned, or frozen fruit
      frozen or canned fruit and/or vegetable juices
      onions and garlic
      frozen and canned meats and fish
      beef, chicken and vegetable cubes
      fresh, frozen, and canned vegetables
      honey, preserves, etc.
      canned soup
      peanut butter
      worcestershire and hot pepper sauces
      flavored and unflavored gelatin
      catsup and horseradish sauce
      vanilla and almond flavorings
      baking powder and soda
      ground and stick cinnamon
      ground and whole cloves
      ground and crystallized ginger
      whole nutmeg
      bay leaves
      celery seed and salt
      dry and prepared mustard
      black pepper and peppercorns
      paprika and cayenne
      curry powder
      garlic and onion salt
      chili powder
      tarragon, basil, and sage
      Most of these items (dry and canned — not fresh or frozen ) can be kept, if safely stored, for up to two years.

      Re-stocking your pantry when items are on sale is the way to go. For example, you don’t use a lot of sugar and you have at least a cup in the container…go ahead and buy it on sale since it may not be on sale when you completely run out;-) So when basics are on sale (and you have a coupon) and your supply is low — grab it and you’ll save more money!

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      I have been searching our wonderful 101 world here all evening looking for a basic list of groceries to keep on hand and BINGO! I found it! Thanks a billion.

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      I’m so glad you finally found it! LOL! I put this list together a gazillion years ago and live by it;-)

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      What a thorough list, thanks so much!

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      Thank you;this helps.

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      your welcome…just don’t try to do this all at once! LOL! add to your pantry a wee bit at a time and then maintain it;-)

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