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      When I lived in Ga, I failed miserably at vegetable gardening due to the ENORMOUS size of the mosquitoes in my yard. Now, I am in SC and ready to take a stab at vegetable gardening again.

      Does anyone know what I can do know to help my success? What are the best veggies to grow for a simple veggie garden? What could I do to get my children involved in the process without them trouncing all over the garden dirt?

      Thanks in advance of all of your suggestions.

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      I’m in the same boat as you. Lucky for me my father-in-law has a garden every year and I can pick his brain. But I’ve been doing some research. These sites might help you.

      Welcome to KidsGardening! Garden Resources, Gardening for Families, Teacher’s Garden and Shopping for Gardening
      Garden Guide: A Beginner’s Garden – The Old Farmer’s Almanac
      Gardening assistance for beginners at Susan’s Garden Patch.

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      I have heard that lavendar will keep mosquito’s away but not sure if it something that you would have to keep away from the vegetables.

      Nice sites, thanks for sharing 🙂

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      Thanks for the sites! I also forgot about asking my gardening uncle who is out of state, for his advice. Your mention of your FIL made me remember my mom mentioning him as advice for a garden.

      Thanks so much!

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      I think that what ever you and your family like to eat is what you should plant. Lettuce, tomato.carrots, beans,peas,peppers are some of my favorites. There are lots of good gardening sites out there. But your best bet might be to talk to your local garden center or extension office. Not Home Depot or any of those big box stores. They don’t usually have the varieties or the knowledge about your area. Hope this helps.

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      Thanks for the advice. I will get in contact with the local extension service. I think they have an office in this town.

      I was thinking of growing lettuce, but I thought it might be too hot for it or is it a spring harvest veggie?

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Gardening & Landscaping Springs coming, Need gardening help!