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      There are a few I use actually depending on what site will give me the best % back. They are all free and will send it back or credit back when you reach about$25 (varies depending on the site). 1) U-promise.com which is great for paying student loans or saving for a childs future collge costs.

      2) ebates.com which credits back a percentage of your total less hsipping and taxes. Every week they pick a ahndle of store and you get extra percentages back. Another thing I love about them is that they post most of the stores coupons and codes for extra deals.

      There are also some sales sites like ableshopper, dealnews, dealsofamerica and a good one if you dont want to read all of the ads in the sunday paper is salescircular. They are all .coms. Sorry for not posting direct .coms but I have already forgotten the rules
      on this. Hope this helps!

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