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      Nicely done!

      For anyone who belongs to some of the different websites where you

      can earn a percentage back, check the stores often. You get the

      money back usually within a month to 6 weeks, so while it might cost

      a bit more up front, you can get it back to use elsewhere.

      Any rebates, ebates, or online earnings I get, I’ve been sticking

      into our vacation fund, which is just shy of $1,000 right now.

      That’s all since February. 🙂

      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, Jennifer Redding



      > I have a system for online shopping that has scored me a nearly

      complete spring to summer wardrobe for about $50 shipped. First I

      use ebates which gives me a percentage back of what I spend (they

      work with everystore that I have used) and my absolute favorite is

      jcpenneys clearance center. Use this with reduced shipping coupons

      that they can email to you, sometimes they are posted as well. I

      have gotten nice shirts and tanks for $2-$3 a piece. Sometimes they

      have good deals on shorts, pants and lengths in between too.


      > The nicest part is that they can be returned or exchanged to a

      store locally if if you change your mind or it doesn’t fit. Most

      stores have the same items in stock but it’s a huge pain to try to

      hunt them out.


      > Hope this helps!




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