Spring Chickens- Raising your own?

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      I am paying $3.75 a dz for organic straight from the farm eggs

      I am vegetarian who eats eggs. (octo) but I am still concerend by the things the chickens eat so I get mine from a lady who is also vegetarian and her eggs are also organic. She is also trying to be certified for organic cheeses etc but she has to go through a “apprenticeship” program.

      I know it isnt budget minded…but I save in my own way by not eating meat…lol

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      Eggs are horribly priced now! Ours are betwee, $2 -$2.49. We have to start a whole new flock of chickens this spring, because last fall an animal (I think a dog) came in and ripped the wire off our coop and killed all but one hen.

      Our chicks run about $4 each (pullets). If you think about even paying $2 for a meat chick, by the time you feed it for 4 months, then butcher, it’s going to cost you more than buying one at the grocers. It is always good to know what’s in your meat, that’s one of the things I really like about raising my own beef/pork.

      What I dislike the most about raising chickens for meat is the mess! I hate plucking the chickens, and I especially hate when there is a pin feather accidentally left on and I take the meat out of the freezer, and there’s that little white feather sticking out. gross.

      Amoney-saverI’ve been doing over the winter to get cheaper eggs is that I’ll ask the dairy worker to check for repacked eggs in the back. They are usually .89 to .99 per dozen. The only difference is that when they have an egg broken in the carton, they remove the good ones and put them all together in a generic carton.

      They have to be sold as repacked.

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