Spring Chickens- Raising your own?

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      I raise chickens for eggs here in So. Calif. (Norco)
      I treat the chickens as my pets, and the eggs are a bonus.
      When the chicks are young they do need heat lamps.

      I use lamps if they are outside, and an old electric blanket if I keep them inside. Both seem to work well.

      As for chicken coops. I have one, the chickens don't use it. They prefer to roost in the trees at night, and hide their eggs around the yard.

      I have most of them trained to lay in a box now, but that isn't always the case.

      Chickens will eat anything. I always give them the scraps and “doggy bags” from when we eat. Don't give them potato peals, it can kill them.

      I also don't give them onions or garlic, changes the taste of the eggs.

      If you are really thinking about selling eggs, get Araquana chickens. They lay blue eggs, these are known to sell for $8.00 a dozen in Manhattan. There is no true difference, but they seem to think so.

      Any broken, cracked eggs I put into the freezer. The dogs love them frozen. (Great for their coat too) The dogs break them open and eat them on their own.

      No need to peal the egg.

      Any other questions, just ask


      On Mon, Mar 10, 2008 at 7:30 AM, Liss <liss@budget101.com> wrote:

      We used to raise our own chickens and we really enjoyed it, for the

      most part. I noticed the other day that the chicks are in and with the

      price of eggs at over $2 a dozen here locally, I was thinking about

      setting about another chix house and raising my own once again.

      Have you thought about raising chickens for eggs or meat or both?

      Perhaps we could swap some ideas about doing it frugally- building less

      expensive chicken coups, selling the eggs, etc.

      Your thoughts?

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Spring Chickens- Raising your own?