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      Naomi, I don’t post much but I do read most everything and my jaw dropped at
      $100 allowence too. LOL! But if it covers lunches and gas etc.

      it makes
      more sense to me. I was thinking allowence as in pure fun money. My dh and
      I *try* (and often fail!) to take $25 per paycheck every other week just for
      fun money.

      Some months it goes really well, other months not so much.

      My dh tends to over spend and he is really suseptible to impulse buying (he
      is no longer allowed in the grocery store he-he!) so trying to set aside a
      little bit for him every check has made a big difference. Even if its just
      $25 for the month, he knows he can spend it on anything he wants and tends
      to save it better than when he is just taking out of the household bill


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