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      I was really surprised at the $100 a week figure too. My husband drives
      a company van to and from work, so that has really cut down on our gas
      money. If I give my husband too much money at one time he always seems
      to spend it on something.

      So, I give him about $25.00 a week and I pack
      his lunch. He uses this to buy gas for his car that he only uses
      occasionally now, and for beer and extra snacks he buys during the week
      while on the job. He usually does run out though and then I give him as
      little as possible in increments of $5.00.

      He is doing much better than
      he used to.

      We decided a long time ago that I was better at handling money than he
      is, and he hates paying bills and keeping track of finances. It works
      out for us pretty well.

      I feel bad sometimes that he has to ask for money that he earns, but he
      doesn’t seem to mind. The only thing he gets upset about is he wants to
      buy a “new” car (used) and I keep telling him we can’t afford it, and we

      Nancy Ann

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