Spot a Work at Home Scam

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      Starting a new thread- how to spot a work at home scam:

      ~ if the company requires a fee up front- it’s likely a scam (some will take the low road and try to make you feel like dirt- stating, “well it’s your own business and all business owners have start-up costs.” blah, blah, blah. it’s amway all over again.

      ~ if they won’t provide you with complete and full details regarding their “program” before you sign up- it’s likely a scam

      ~ testimonials- if the company features “testamonials” they are likely a scam- most companies don’t have to toot their own horn by paying people to post a great review on their own site.

      ~ excessive income reporting- statements like “great pay, little effort”, easy work- excellent income, “easy work- great pay” – all lead to scam scam scam

      ~ if you must recruit other people underneath you (or hire others under you) in order to generate income- it’s a scam. call it a ponzi scheme, pyramid scheme or 1 of a hundred other names, it is a scam. Only the top few people will make any money and the rest will be left without a dime.

      Be sure to share your favorite tips for spotting a slimeball scammer . . .

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