Spooky window scene

Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Spooky window scene

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      Static Cling Black window film for car glass
      permanent black marking pen
      cutting board
      crafts knife

      Using a marking pen trace different patterns of ghosts, pumpkins, bats, trees, houses onto the film. Cut out the shapes with the scissors. On a cutting board, use a crafts knife to cut out the inside details.

      If it is difficult to see th edrawn lines, slip a piece of white paper between the cutting board and the film before cutting. Apply the film pieces to the window gently rubbing each fim piece to remove the bubbles. If necessary, wipe the window with a damp rag to help the film stick.

      To remove the cutouts, gently peel the film off the window. To store the pieces, keep them separate with sheets of paper between them and store flat.

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Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Spooky window scene