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      I did this below the chair rail in our den and dining room and it looks
      beautiful 🙂

      We picked out a “color card” at the paint store, you know how one card has
      related colors from light shade to darker? For the sponge painted part, we
      selected the second or third lightest color and painted the wall completely.
      Then we used the lightest shade (which was also the same color all the walls in
      our house are painted) for the sponge painting. I bought a sea sponge at lowes
      for $3 or $4 because it has a neat texture; I’ve heard of people using crumpled
      rags or saran wrap.

      It seems like a fake kitchen sponge would be too
      symmetrical; you want some assymetry to make it look random.

      After the base coat was completely dry, I put some of the lighter color in a
      cool whip container, straight out of the can, not diluted our anything. I stuck
      in the sponge and soaked it in paint, then squeezed it out and blotted it on a
      paper plate, then just started dotting the walls with it, overlapping my
      splotches and turning the sponge to get a variety of patterns.

      It was really fun and easy and looks almost like wallpaper. It didn’t take very
      much time at all to do most of the walls; I had to use a smaller piece of sponge
      to get around the edges and that took a little while.

      Our background color was “cappacino” and the top color was “bone”. Neutrals
      look sophisticated but I’ve seen colors that look great too. I think you want
      darker on bottom, lighter on top.

      The same color family with an almost-white
      pale version for the top. If your walls are white now, I don’t know how you
      might sponge paint them–I have no idea how a darker color on white would look.
      Try a small area first 🙂


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