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      1. Mix charcoal (1 to 2 Tbs.) with a little water to form a wet paste. It should be moist but not crumbly or drippy.

      Spread the paste on one half of a folded paper towel, loosely woven cloth, or piece of gauze cut to fit the area to be treated. When ready the cloth should be moist, and thoroughly saturated with the paste.

      3. Then cover the paste by folding over the other half of the paper towel or cloth.
      4. Next place the charcoal poultice on the affected body part making sure it completely covers the area.

      Cover the poultice with plastic (when available, plastic food wrap works fine) cut to overlap the poultice by an inch on every side. This will keep it from drying out. If the charcoal dries out, it will not be able to adsorb.

      6. Finish off by bandaging or taping the poultice securely in place. Leave it on for several hours, or better yet, overnight.

      After 6 to 10 hours another poultice can be applied.

      Charcoal is great for lots of things and is relatively inexpensive.

      On Sun, Mar 9, 2008 at 3:35 PM, guess who <hufnpuf44@yahoo.com> wrote:

      i read to put a piece of potato on a splinter an sucure it over night an its suppose to draw it out but it sounds like a long shot on this one

      maria <secretwindow-jd1@sbcglobal.net> wrote:

      My son has a splinter in the bed of his fingernail and I can't get it
      out with a needle,does any one have any ideas how i can remove this?


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