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      My first suggestion is going to be what everyone else would say, see a doctor or a health care professional. While splinters are part of growing up and one is never to old to get a splinter, and generally easy to remove and rarely dangerous, if it is in thenail, then that could present added problems, from future development of the nail to a greater increase of infection. Besides it might be far more painful to remove it at home than done by a health care professional.
      Now having made my first recommendation, the one I’d really suggested you take, I’ll simply state what was done when I was a child, and yes it was a L-O-N-G time ago and I am in no way recommending this.

      For any “inflection” that didn’t respond to a basic cleaning with soap, water,peroxide, and mercurochrome, my family’s chosen over the counter product, a piece of “fat meat” was placed over the infection. The best type of fat meat, I really don’t know if you can buy it anymore, it’s truly a piece of “fat meat” with a rind and salted. Fatback maybe is another term.

      Keep it clean, once or twice a day, and a new piece placed each time and covered. It does have drawing abilities, that I’ve seen and lived through myself, my feet must be made of magnets, caused rusty nails were just drawn to mine as a child.
      again, while i tell about using this. i still suggest seeing a health care professional.

      even though i’ve used the “fat meat” cure many times in my life, i’d still go to a health care professional today, oh and a tetanus shot might be needed. and, i’m not a health care professional, and i don’t play one on tv.

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