Spiderweb cake

Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Spiderweb cake

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      I made this cake a couple of years ago.

      9 by 13 cake in your favorite flavor baked and left in the pan. Ice it with light orange frosting. Then take black frosting and make circles on it .

      Begin in the center with just a dot of black frosting. Then circle that getting bigger until you get to the outer edges of the cake. Then take a toothpick and drag it from the center to the outside of the cake.

      Making a web effect. I then took 2 spider rings that my daughter had and placed them in the center of the web. It was totally cool.


      I couldn’t put the pic in here for some reason, but that is my cake. I put it on my myspace that I use just for cakes.

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Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Spiderweb cake