Spiced-Citrus Chicken

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      Spiced-Citrus Chicken
      1 value-pak chicken
      1 tbs olive oil
      1 tbs lime juice
      2 tbs orange juice
      2 tbs lemon juice
      2 tbs chili powder
      2 tbs paprika
      1 tsp cayenne
      1/4 tsp pepper
      1/4 tsp salt
      Place whole value-pak in crockpot (usually around 4 lb). Blend remaining ingredients and pour over chicken. Cook on low 4 to 6 hours.
      serve with a side of rice, making a gravy of the juices, salad or veggie on the side…oh yum!

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      Mos, what a great recipe. I really like chicken with citrus, they go good together. I believe that my family would really like this one.


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      Sounds good I will try this!

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      oh I hope that you and your families like it! this was one of my first experiments a gazillion years ago when crockpots first came out! it was a success so my dexh wrote down what i mixed in the bowl so that we could add it to the ‘file.’

      he recently commented on making it for himself and i reminded him that i needed the recipe! lol! so he emailed it and i’m sharing with all of you;-)

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      thanks for a great recipe!

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      you are very welcome! please share whether your family liked it (or not!). I love getting feedback on recipes so I can think of ways to improve them if they fall short.

      and, of course, I love hearing about success stories! LOL!

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      Thanks for this recipe. I am not a fan of Chicken, and absolutely dislike Turkey, however, I think I might actually like this. Thanks so much.

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      oh my goodness! I think you have to be the first person that I have ever heard of that is not fond of chicken and dislikes turkey! LOL!

      I do hope that you try this easy recipe and decide that chicken ‘can’ be good;-) if you try it, let me know what you think…

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      On my dinner list for next week

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      Thanks Mos have seen a few of your recipes all look great.

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      MerryMerry…thank you! I hope that you try a few and your family enjoys them;-D

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