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      I have a special needs child somewhere on the autistic spectrum probably auspergers. Sounds a lot like the little girl who was having the fits. My dd did that as a toddler. We tried to place her in special ed. she went to special ed preschool but because they were overloaded by dd was shoved out of the system because she was intelligent and they said her disability was not affecting her ability to learn.

      She went to regualar Kindergarten where she was beaten up every day shoved down the stairs, pushed off the stage the final straw was when her face was scraped across the asphalt on the playground. We tried Christian private school for six weeks but that school was full of kids who had been expelled from public school DD was even more abused by the kids there.

      By the way is seemed that the admin. in both schools were completely powerless to control the bullies. Special kids are easy targets.

      We started homeschooling her. She really thrives under structure and she knows just what to expect in homeschool. With the homeschooling and structure her melt downs arevery few. When she does get overwhelmed at home she can stop for a while and take a break. We have a wonderful church and our childrens pastor has an autistic child she has created programs that allow these children to participate with the other chidlren in the church activites as well as educate the other children about special needs and how they can help.

      Homeschooling does not allow me to work out of the home so I have had to become very frugal I will send that info in another post. I think having special needs children is directly connected to this frugal group because special needs kids are expensive and we need all the help we can get.

      Tracy in VA

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