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      Tracy in va, Yhnks the power above that your child has a mom like you. I have an adopted son ,age 10, in the 4th grade (the new school thought he was in the second grade),outgoing, intelligent,personality plus,I have just changed schools w/ him(public to private christian for 2 weeks)He is into Yugo and Narco-a Japanese cartoon,cards,videos,movies but the public schoolcould not understand this. They could not control the bullies who picked on him-one boy had been helt back for 2 years and was 2 yrs larger.He was street smart and could run past my son in gym, clip him,causing my son to roll. No teacher interfered.
      So far the christian school has been the answer. It has classes thru the 12 th grade.
      You are in my thoughts.

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      I have a special needs child somewhere on the autistic spectrum probably auspergers. Sounds a lot like the little girl who was having the fits. My dd did that as a toddler. We tried to place her in special ed. she went to special ed preschool but because they were overloaded by dd was shoved out of the system because she was intelligent and they said her disability was not affecting her ability to learn.

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