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      Last week I took my Lab to the vet. She had a growth on her chest

      which has gotten bigger since we first noticed it this summer. So,

      the vet took a small syringe and drew out some part of the growth. He

      put it onto 2 slides and sent them off to be tested (cytology I

      believe is what I was charged for). My husband (the non-medical

      person) took the call from the vet while I was at work. The vet said

      that it was a melanoma, but that until they took it off and had it

      tested, they wouldn’t know if it was malignant or benign. What the

      heck did I just pay $112 for!!!!! How can they test it to find out it

      is melanoma, but not know if it is cancerous or not? Anyone run into

      this? I just spent $450 last week on all her shots, tests, exam,

      heartworm and flea/tick meds and now this!!! Obviously, she is part

      of our family and young (4yo) so we will get this removed, but I just

      wonder why they couldn’t tell me straight up if it was malignant or

      not. Thanks if anyone knows anything.


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