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      That explains a lot!lol where i am in ga it is still possible to purchase 1 ac of land with an 1800 square foot home (less than 5yrs old)for less than 160,000 (with a little effort and searching). You need a Rabies yearly. You ideally would do the adhppv yearly.

      cost wise, for me here it is cheaper to vaccinate for bordetella than to treat later w/antibiotics…you’d have to ask your vet.we have seen bordetella here this summer w/o any history of boarding, grooming, or contact w/other dogs…not sure how it is spreading anymore. heartworm is your next biggest thing (imo)- one of the flea/tick/heartworm or heartworm/internal parasite combination medications may help save you some money in the long run. revolution does heartworm protection and fleas.there are other products that double up on what they treat- it may be a small savings, but it all adds up.

      here, we give heartworm preventative 12 mo-year round. We have had more and more people move into our area from Northern areas where they only give the products about 6mo of the year. Here it never gets cold enough to 100% kill the mosquitoes…that might be an option to save if you are comfortable with the risks involved.

      If you have specific questions about tests, etcthat have been done or are suggested, you might post to the board (or me off line) and we may have extra information to add to what your vet is telling you. The most important thing for your pocket book is to be informed- when they say “we usually do A,B,C,D….” ask them what each is for, what the cost is and they suggest doing it.

      Only Rabies is required by law in our state- everything else is up to the owner. Sometimes it is a fine line between getting your animal friends everything they need and feeling like you are adding a
      new wing on the veterinary clinic! hth lisag.

      in ga

      jennifer huff wrote: I live in ma just west of boston. yes, everything here seems to be
      very expensive.

      Moody friends. Drama queens. Your life?

      Nope! – their life, your story.
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