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      omg…what part of the country do you live in? our rabies and adhppv vaccinations together are $27- bordetella adds $11. A heartworm test is $16.50…and if you get vaccinations done, you don’t pay for the office call ($28)…and you still get a free physical exam.

      A fecal exam is $12- heartworm (heartgard) protection for a dog under 25lbs is $25 for 6 months supply. As to the cytology, the quality of the sample has lots to do with the quality of the results. If the slide was not prepared properly or there weren’t lots of cells in the fluid/matter collected, then therelikely wasn’t enough there for them to make a 100% statement- yes, cancer- no, cancer.

      Plus, with some people if they don’t think it is cancer, they won’t let the vet remove the mass…. I hope your dog does well with the upcoming surgery…remember that you have a right to question things that you don’t get a goodfeeling about-
      there are plenty of veterinarians in the world and competition is always a good thing… Lisa G in GA
      Jennifer Huff wrote: Last week I took my Lab to the vet.

      She had a growth on her chest
      which has gotten bigger since we first noticed it this summer.

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