space bags & magic erasers

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      Although these aren’t new to the market products they are new to me products. Why I didn’t try them sooner I don’t really knowI dont know 🙁 My closets, as well as my sewing room, are now far neater than they’ve ever been thanks to space bags and I haven’t even begun to find all the uses for the magic eraser. I can however attest to what a great job it did of cleaning my keyboard.

      Having made the rule of “no eating at the computer” I guess it was only fair that I was the one to break said rule:oops1: I bought a couple more erasers when I was out today so we’ll see what else they can do..

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      The majic erasers are awesome, they will get crayon off of wallpaper or painted walls without damage in anyway. They will make anything white sparkle including tennis shoes! They work great on the rubber seals on fridge doors to get the little crumbies and debris that somehow ends up there.

      I use them for everything haven’t found a job that they can not do 🙂 As for the space bags, I have found I can do the same thing with a trash bag and a vacuum hose, just have to make sure you keep the top closed around the hose and be fast at putting a tie or rubber band on the end.

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      I use the Jumbo Space Bags to store my long-term supply of tp. that way they are not exposed to moisture, flooding, shtf, or other occurrences before i need them.

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      magic erasers are the best thing to clean with they are amazing! The first time I used one I had a white cabinet I bought at a tag sale. I noticed it had black and red magic marker on it.

      I used the eraser it came off to my amazement!! That was eight years ago.The use of these are endless they work great on many items and surfaces. I have noticed they will where down to nothing sooner if you rinse them off in warm or hot water rather than cold.

      It has taken built up grease off off the inside window of ovens and toaster ovens made them look brand new. I was so excited about this product I mailed to boxes to my mother in law in Egypt. She also loves them!

      as far as the vac bags they are wonderful too one great way to store things out of the way and save space.

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