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      In case anyone is interested, I thought with the cooler/colder weather upon us, this is one of our favorites….and it does stretch the $! This is especially nice if you’ve had a meal of ham (with a bone) already.

      Stormy Day Soup
      1 Ham Bone (with some meat)
      water to cover and then some
      1-2 cans of diced tomatos – off brands are pretty inexpensive
      1 lbcut up carrots
      1 small bag of Great Northern Beans (soak overnight and rinse)
      You may have to add more water (or tomato juice) as the beans cook.
      Simmer til the beans are tender
      You can season with Bay leaf, Rosemary, Garlic, etc.

      That’s up to you. This is kind of an “end of the season” type of soup. You can add other vegetables if you want.

      We just add the above.

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