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      A Pampering powder you’re sure to love

      Great for soothing chapped or sunburned skin.

      2 oz. rice flour (or cornstarch)
      1 oz. finely powdered white orrisroot (or arrowroot powder)
      1 oz.

      finely powdered dried chamomile flowers
      1 drop lavender essential oil
      2 drops orange essential oil
      3 drops violet essential oil

      Combine the above ingredients, mix in the oils very well by pressing any lumps down with your fingers. Sift thoroughly and put into containers.

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      Thank you this is a great recipe and rice flour is so cheap .

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      I hate to say I’m dumb, but in this case I am. What is arrowroot and where can you find it?

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      Your not dumb I didnt know till my daughters got allergies but you can buy in health food stores a lot of bigger food chains carry it in ther gourmet alse or
      a baking aila ..I hope this helps

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      Thank you! It does help, sometimes when I hear about some of this stuff I feel like I must be living in a cave. I live in a small town and I’m not sophisticated, but I love to learn about new things!

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