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      One day last week I was looking through the events calanders for things to do ( for free) near us . I called a number to find out about an Orchestra peforming in the next city. After she told me the ticket prices I politely explained that we wouldn’t be able to attend but if they did anything that was ever open to the public, I would like to bring my boys. Today I got a phone call. WE HAVE TICKETS WAITING AT THE BOX OFFICE!!! Isn’t that great! We will start the day off by going to Pioneer Village. Eating free goat ice cream , Biscuits and pork skins. Then finish it with the orchestra. I am attempting to pack the next 4 days( kids out of school Mon. and Tue) with free fun. Libraries, exhibits and parks.

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      That IS exciting!!
      I hope you guys enjoy your next four fun packed days and most especially the performance.

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      How fantastic! You will have to share how your boys enjoyed the exprience. I know it will be special for you.

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