Son with Cancer

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      Sorry to burden you all with this but need your help.

      Jeremy, age 26, has been on his cancer battle for 4 years now. The

      funds are waining. I have sold candles and dishclothes to everyone

      that I know and lots of people that I do not know. We have had a

      fundraising auction. We are getting at wits ends as this not only

      is costing him but it is cutting into our housing budget. We are

      required to drive 5 hours one way for treatment (Indianapolis IN).

      The hotel that ACS (American Cancer Society) puts in requires $25

      dollars to park our car per day. There are meals, hospital parking,

      etc., everytime we have a check up and now he has been diagnosed

      with Leukemia secondary to Testicular cancer. Which means more

      travel and treatment. Next month we are required a 4 week stay in

      the hospital where I can sleep at bedside but 4-8 weeks of

      outpatient care which will require a apartment where his meals are

      fixed by me and daily trips to the hospital.

      Any ideas how to come up with needed funds? The church will provide

      us with our food from the pantry but we are not going to be able to

      use this until we get the apartment.

      Thank you for reading this.

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