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      We have a Goodwill, Salvation Army, and a store called New to You…

      between the three of those, and freecycle and craigslist, I can always

      find something that will work for my 4 children. Clearance shopping at

      Walmart is also usually very friendly to the budget.

      I also have a wonderful friend who has 2 children who are a couple

      sizes bigger then my two preschoolers, her hand me downs have saved me

      hundreds of dollars so far.


      — In, “sarah_d_ann”



      > For people like me on a VERY limited budget finding clothes for my


      > growing 5 year old boy can be a challenge. My suggestion is to ask


      > your local Goodwill store when their markdown day is. Every week the

      > Goodwill chain of thrift stores has a day that a certain color tag of

      > clothing, linens, or coats is only $0.50! It is a different day at

      > each store and they don’t advertise what day it is unless you just

      > happen to be there on that day and see the sign. I have gotten even

      > things that are brand new designer stuff with tags on for only


      > It is worth checking out.


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