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      For edible things, I was thinking of making an assortment of heart shaped sugar cookies, brownies and truffles. Well, the truffles won’t be heart shaped, but the others will be. I am not a good baker — I just can’t seem to get breads and cakes and brownies to turn out right, so I’m buying those ready made brownies by Pilsbury and using a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut them.

      Once they’re baked I’ll sprinkle powdered sugar on some, coat some with real cocoa, and frost some of them with rich ganache (great recipe for ganache on Martha Stewart’s web site!). It’ll make for a nice assortment of goodies. Same with the sugar cookies — I might dip some in chocolate and frost others, or whatever.

      For the truffles, I’ll probably coat all of them in cocoa, because that’s how I like them best.
      I’m also thinking of making a card for my boy. I usually buy one from Hallmark because I think they’re the greatest, but this year I want to do something a little more personal and home made. For ideas, you can check out the web site or browse the store.

      Martha Stewart also has some good ideas. (I really don’t like her, but her mag and site do have good ideas I like to borrow!)

      Oh, another thing I’ll probably do is pair up with my girlfriend for the goodies so that we have a mix of goodies, we’ll both make a few things and then share. I don’t know what I’ll put all the goodies in yet, maybe I’ll find a nice shaped box or something and cover with some lovey dovey paper?!? Haven’t figured that out yet.

      Hope that helps a little. I wasn’t going to do a gift this year because honestly, I think Valentine’s Day is more about getting mushy, not buying gifts…so I’m going the really mushy route. After all, men love food.


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Holidays & Special Occasions Valentines Day Some Valentines Ideas