Solar Ovens?

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      I was reading about how you can build a solar oven out of basically

      cardboard, aluminum foil and a glass panel and a black or dark metal

      pan and pot. The idea sounded really neat. I guess it works like a

      slow cooker using the sun’s energy rather than the electric company’s.

      There is also a group on Yahoo dedicated to solar cooking. Might be

      a way to conserve bucks.

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      Have any of you ever tried the solor ovens, or know what all it will cook. I want to make a permanet one but not sure if i should spend that much money yet. I’m gona need a pretty big one or a lot of them.

      I hope to incorparate one into my patio design before we get started building. not sure if this is a good idea or not.

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      I made one from a box and it cooked beans and heated water, didn’t try to bake anything. Yep, like a slow cooker it takes all day. Had to keep moving it to keep it in-line with the sun.

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      my husband and i are thinking of building our own so we can add one more survival skill to our list incase something would ever happen. the ones we have seen that were not homemade could get up to 450 degrees. i am actually kind of excited on trying this and learning a new way of cooking.

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      I know this is an older thread but had to put in my two cents worth. I have been solar cooking for about four and a half years. Most people think it takes all day.

      Not always. It depends on what you are cooking. I did a great Parmesan ranch mushroom dish today.

      It was for a slow cooker and called for four hours on low. I did it in my home made Copenhagen cooker in about an hour and a half- 2 hours and it was bubbling. Started at 9:30 melting the butter in the pot in the sun.

      At 10 I stirred in the ranch, mushrooms, and parm. It was ready by 11:30. I left it in the sun to stay hot til lunch, then the family scarfed it down.

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