Solar Ovens?

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      There is a Yahoo group called SolarCooking that has some plans, but I

      had seen them on other sites as well, just cannot remember where off

      hand. There are places that sell them commercially, but not so cheap,

      so it sounded like making my own would be cheapest. I have lots of

      empty storage boxes that I don’t mind experimenting with. There are

      different variations. One was even made with several shelves for

      cooking multiple containers. Some have even made ovens out of old

      tires! They bake all sorts of things–even breads and cheesecake, so

      they say. I really want to try this.

      — In, Dorothy Columbro



      > please let me know about this oven, where you saw the plans and also

      the yahoo group that is dedicated to solar cooking…

      > thanks a billion


      > dottieanne 212


      > the_lady_kay wrote:

      > I was reading about how you can build a solar oven…

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