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      –Wal-mart sells a soft, moist dog food called “Dinner Rounds” that I
      use for treats for my dogs. Even my picky dog begs for them.

      Debbie (mom to doggies Sadie & Ginger, and a couple of human(?)
      teenagers – LOL)

      – In, “Granny Carol ” wrote:
      > Does anyone have a recipe for soft dog treats. Have an old dog
      that took up
      > here, the owner came to get her, she refuses to stay there, always
      > back here, so I need something softer than regular dog biscuits.
      Any ideas?
      > Thanks,
      > Mommy of 3 sons, 2 dau-in-laws (that I claim), 5 grandkids, 1
      budgie, 2
      > spoiled rotten cats and 5 dogs and 4 nephews.
      > No DH

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