Snowman Repair Kit

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      In a small zip lock bag or in a jar place the following:

      a black plastic hat
      2 googly eyes
      3 buttons
      a strip of fabric
      a couple of small twigs
      a twig painted orange
      tiny paper snowflakes.

      Snowman Repair Kit
      Being outside all day and night,
      Can make me look a dreadful sight.
      I melt, I break, I lose some parts,
      Which tends to break some people’s hearts,
      So here’s a repair kit just for you
      To make your snowman look brand new!

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      I havent seen this one before. Too cute! My boys always like to make a gift for their teacher. I think this would be perfect. Thanks!

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      Yeh, actually after I posted it I realized that the homepage of Budget101 has this on it too.

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