Snowman Ornament – Super Simple

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      Here’s a very simple, yet adorable Snowman Ornament Idea!

      You will need some ping pong balls, baby socks, dice or small jingle bells, a bit paint and some greenery.

      first, roll the cuff of the baby sock and seat it on the ping pong ball. once you like the placement, add a dab of hot glue to seal it in place.

      cut the bottom of the sock off and tie it with a piece of thread in the color matching the sock you’ve used.
      i painted the face in a light graywash first so the nose and cheeks with stick out a bit more.

      next, paint the eyes, nose and mouth. paint on the cheeks. add a couple flakes of glitter, if desired.

      using a hot glue gun attach a small piece of greenery to the hat and add dice or a couple of little jingle bells. thread a ribbon through the hat or attach using a tiny jewelry o-ring

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