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      Michelle. Please don’t let this get to you. Maybe getting through to
      people will be easier now that you have really opened up about it.

      know that I’m one of the ones who doesn’t snip simply because I don’t
      know how. I haven’t asked before because I don’t post very often and
      I didn’t realize that it was a large headache and problem. So, I’ll
      apoligize now and ask how to snip.

      That could be a large part of the
      problem, we could have a lot of members like me who are not very
      computer literate and just don’t know what really goes into
      moderateing a group such as this. Sorry we upset you but I think you
      do a great job. Please don’t quit on us just because one or two
      people are on such a high and mighty ego trip that they feel the need
      to give you a hard time when all you are trying to do is get a little

      Please send the info on how to snip and I promise to do
      my best to comply.

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