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      Hello group,

      I rarely ever post, but the one thing that drives me nuts is the inordinate number of messages that include the previous message withan individual’s post. And, since a number of individuals seem toreceive thedigest version, as do I, that often means theentire digest is included in a new post!!!
      How to snip, and please consider itpolite behavior, like saying pardon me or excuse me when you bump into someone.
      When using the reply to groups feature contained at the bottom of each message. Now depending on your email settings, and since there are so many types, I can’t advise on how to set yours NOT to simply copy the previous message, so I’ll explain how tosimply delete the previous info:
      When you hit reply, you should see an email form with the previous message in the new message site. The easiest way is simply press the Ctrl button and the A button at the same time. Your entire message should be highlighted. Then hit DELETE or ENTER. Alternatively and not quite so quick and easy, you can simply place your cursor at the first letter of that message, and click. Your cursor should then be blinking at that first letter/word. Simply press your pointing finger on the left button of the mouse, (I am of course inferring only for right handed mouse people, and I apologize for that) and drag the cursor, with the left finger holding the button down to the end of the pre-existing message until it is all highlighted. Release the button, ensuring the highlighted text is still blacked out, and then press yourDelete button or even yourEnter button. The previous text should then just vanish. You now should have an empty message area to type.
      Obviously if you need or wish to cite some of the previous message, you can simply cut that specific it out, and to do that:
      Again, place your cursor at the first letter of the section you want, and press your left mouse button and drag to highlight what you want to save. Once highlighted, then click the right mouse button and see a menu appear, and select the CUT option. Again follow the instructions to Highlight, and delete what you don’t want/need. Then simply right click your right mouse button and select paste. The section you cut will then appear. Depending on your email provider this may also be an option on your email tool bar.
      For example I’m an AOL user, and receive the Digest form of Budget 101, when I hit the reply to group option, none of the previous text appears. So, if I wanted to cite verbatim, I’d go into the message and copy and paste it into my new message.
      I hope this helps people.
      Thank you for you time and attention.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Snipping, or removing previous email from a current send