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      groceries smilie

      Sorry! I don’t mean to be misleading in the prefix, but there is no heading for my store.

      I don’t have a Kroger or any other grocery store chain mentioned (on the first page). All we have in my area is a Brookshire’s or Wal-Mart. Oh, there is an Albertson’s, but I don’t shop there. It is too far away. There is almost a monopoly here in my area. Oh well, they have a really good sale about every other week.

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      We used to have a Kroger’s, but they left this state about 30 years ago! I still miss them. Of course, I’m sure they have changed a bunch since I last was in one! Nostalgia does have a way of making things seem better than they really were!

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      hmmm… I see headings for both Brookshires And Albertsons. . .

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Sizzlin’ Hot Deals Grocery Stores Sniff! Sniff!