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      My friend once taught me to just take all the “I have less than a full serving”
      snacks and cereals and put them together for a snack.
      Because of this thread I made the kids a “special” snack. It was chocolate
      chunks,. white chocolate chips, a half of a single size bag of m & m’s, about
      two hands full of popcorn, a cup of frosted mini wheats, about a cup of teddy
      cheddy’s, and about a cup of cocoa puffs.
      I got rid of an assortment of not enough for two foods and they were thrilled.
      Who wouldn’t be with all that sugar?

      Anggie Thompson <> wrote:
      Thanks for all the great snack ideas. One of my favorites is just raisins,
      choc chips and peanuts. I’ll be making some when I get home!


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