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      I’ve had to be frugal my whole life. This is a favorite dessert for my 4 kids…been making it for years…my oldest will be 36 and the youngest will be 20. A can of bisquits can go along way for meals, sides and snacks. I take the bisquits…poke a hole in the middle and shape into a big Cheerio. In about 1/4 inch of canola/veg oil, fry them…flipping half way thru the browning time. Drain on paper towels and while still warm shake in a baggie with sugar, brown sugar, cinnamon, powdered sugar or any coating you’d like. I love the canned bisquits! If you get them at 3 for $1.00…it’s less than 4 cents a doughnut!

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      This is very cleaver and very frugil…thanks!

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      I love making donut holes this way and it is so very easy for the kids to do with a little supervision 🙂

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      I also raised 4 kids on an extremely limited budget and we had these donuts often. The kids loved them. My youngest is 39 and back then the stores would run canned bisciuts 10/$1.00. You just couldn’t beat that price.

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      I don’t use a lot of processed foods but a few times a year we’ll snag one of those 4 pack biscuits and take them home to make fun donuts. We make yeasted whole grain donuts all the time but these are simple and kids can do them on their own and gee, they are just fun!

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