Smiths’ New Idea for Thanksgiving Family Reunion Party – Make DVD Slideshow

Holidays & Special Occasions Thanksgiving Smiths’ New Idea for Thanksgiving Family Reunion Party – Make DVD Slideshow

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      Thanksgiving Day is coming! In the parlor, the Smiths are discussing how to make the precious Thanksgiving family reunion party nice, colorful and unforgettable? Sh…listen!

      What are they saying?

      Father: Novel decorations?

      Mother: Cute cookies?

      Daughter, the high school student says mysteriously: Good ideas, but not best ones! What I suggest is – make dvd slideshow as background for our thanksgiving family reunion party!

      father and mother: wow!!!

      daughter (excitedly): yes, make our own family dvd slideshow for thanksgiving party! how happy is the moment when family members reunite together. at this moment a joyful party is what we expected so much!

      novel decorations and cute cookies are good, but may not cool enough. a family dvd slideshow as the background for the party is more exciting and must be able to strike a responsive chord in everyone’s hearts.

      father: that sounds interesting! go on, dear! daughter (proudly): thank you, dad!

      there are two major benefits for us to use a dvd slideshow as the background of our thanksgiving family reunion party.

      first, it will strengthen the lifesome and warm atmosphere of family reunion. we can collect photos from grandpa, grandma, uncle, auntie, brother, etc, and then make them a dvd movie played on our big tv. when they come to our party, they must be touched by the vivid show.

      happy moment comes! right?

      mother: uh…let me see…see….

      daughter: mom, there is another point! we can also take this dvd slideshow as a novel and meaningful thanksgiving gift for family members. cookies will be eaten up; decorations will be torn out after the festival, but the dvd slideshow can be preserved for a long time and played repeatedly.

      even grandparents can easily play this slideshow on tv with dvd player when they miss us.

      family reunion is for the love between family members and friends. we can make dvd slideshow with our own photos, stories, and words. let’s imagine: happy holiday, dear family members and the precious moments!

      don’t you think it makes more sense?

      father: great! that really sounds touching and exciting. but i don’t know how to make such dvd slideshow.

      mother: oh, genius! dear, i can’t agree with you more. i have already been touched once i think of the occasion.

      well, is it hard to make such a dvd slideshow?

      daughter (confidently): dad, mom, it’s just a piece of cake! listen to my plan. now that we have already got powerpoint, i intend to make full use of it to make this dvd slideshow.

      first i will make the slideshow with powerpoint. the next and also the last step is to burn the powerpoint slideshow to a dvd.

      in a word, everything is easy to do. dad, mom, i have said so much, while how do you think of this idea for our thanksgiving party?

      father: bravo! oh, dear, that’s perfect, isn’t? darling (turn to his wife), what’s your opinion?


      daughter: strange, where is mom? …mom!

      (beside the telephone in the bedroom)
      “hi, dad, could you please send me the photos you took with my mom in california? i …” mom says, making the telephone call.

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Holidays & Special Occasions Thanksgiving Smiths’ New Idea for Thanksgiving Family Reunion Party – Make DVD Slideshow