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      Well, I had tried to call my Dad all day today.. to no avail. They had done
      something to his phone that didn’t allow incoming calls.

      So, I had to call the
      nurse’s station, they quickly fixed the problem. But then I had to wait just
      over two hours for Dad to get unplugged.

      Yes, unplugged. he has not had any morphine since last night. they removed all
      the lines and tubes to his heart.

      all the extra plumbing is gone.. except for
      the necessary iv’s.

      what made the call so special? i had to wait for dad to come to the phone. he
      was walking with my brother, garry, in the halls.

      yes>>> walking.

      dad told me he had shaved today. gone for two walks now. and was feeling good.
      a little pain, but very good.

      and he sounded so wonderful! i mean wonderful!
      i told him, he sounded like he did last week.. right back to ‘normal’.

      if i
      didn’t know better.. i would have never known he had surgery. let alone major

      he is even eating.. regular food, since last night. wow!

      praises up and
      around. certainly a quick healing. woo hoo!

      i feel so much relief. being so
      far away.. it is hard.

      but knowing that dad is in his hands, i knew he was
      safe. :o)

      man.. i just feel wonderful knowing that dad feels wonderful. my mom..

      sounded terrific, i know that this is a big relief to her she has been so
      worried. mom and dad are so close.. the lovey-dovey’s.

      inseperatable. all
      happy and cheerful, my brother was full of excitement in his voice and cheery.
      it is a wonderful day today.

      and me, that icky sickly cold, well the antibiotics are starting to kick in
      already. and to think i have had this miserable son of a gun for over three
      weeks. 🙁 yuck.

      i am starting to ‘bring-up’ the gunk. which is a sign of
      healing. a little too late of a healing to go see my folks, but i will see them

      and when i do, dad will feel more like company anyways. hopefully i can
      get some sleep tonight. i have had less than eleven hours of sleep in the past
      five days now.

      i am bushed.. but when i lay down, i fill up (lungs). but that
      is sure to pass quickly now.

      we just got back from emily’s open-house at school. met her new teacher, and
      her new learning disablement teacher. both are super.

      ***man what a fantastic
      day!!*** very sweet and kind. i took the time to explain em’s disablements and
      what works best for her, and what doesn’t. what triggers her..

      her little
      modes. ie.. feet never stop..

      or hands never stop. i told the teacher that i
      am home 24/7 and would love to volunteer. If it was nothing but to sit in the
      back of the classroom and staple papers.

      That perhaps if I was just sitting in
      the room the tortures that Emma puts up with from her peers would come to a
      halt. The teacher agreed. So it looks like I will be doing a lot of stapling,
      cutting, and washing the chalkboard.

      My, that teacher was so nice. He gave me
      his personal home phone number, classroom number, email, voice mail. And so did
      the ld teacher.

      i have never, in all of em’s schooling had such a co-operative
      team of teachers to be on em’s learning team.

      well, i am just full of bubbles and joy. can you tell? i do hope that your day
      is going as well, if not ten fold better!

      blessings be,

      krista rose ~~~my page~~~

      >hug someone today< . certified virus free… because i care. :o)
      checked by avg anti-virus system (scan complete, clean).
      version: 6.0.512 / Virus Database: 309 – Release Date: 8/20/2003

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