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      HEADS UP for Smarty Pants Know It All Panelists

      Hello, Know-It-Alls,

      This is an AMAZING OPPORTUNITY for your kids!

      We’re looking for KIDS who can tell us what they think about a VIDEO GAME. (We’re only looking for certain ages, so not everyone will qualify.) This opportunity is for both boys and girls, and they don’t need to be video gaming gurus. If your child currently plays video games, then we’d like to send him/her a video game (that s/he doesn’t already own), have them play it for a few days, and then answer questions about it. Afterwards, your child can KEEP THE GAME and we’ll send you a $15 GIFT CARD, too!

      It’s our coolest research project ever!

      There are three steps:

      STEP 1
      Click on the link below. You and your child will complete a survey together where we’ll ask you a few questions about your child’s video game ownership, habits and preferences. We basically need to be sure that your child qualifies to participate. If s/he does, then we’ll send you a video game for your child to test.

      STEP 2
      The video game will arrive in the mail with instructions. Your child will need to answer a few short questions online about their initial impressions BEFORE they can open the game and play it. Once that’s done, they can play the game to their heart’s content for the next few days!

      STEP 3
      After your child has had 3 to 7 days to play the game, s/he will need to answer some more questions about it online. Once s/he completes that survey, your family gets to KEEP THE GAME and we’ll send you a $15 GIFT-CARD!

      IMPORTANT NOTE: We’ll be sending out HUNDREDS of games. Still, this is a project that almost everyone is going to want to do, so we MAY get MORE responses than we NEED. If you qualify and we don’t use you, we will enter you into a drawing for several prizes. Either way, just know that we’re signing up families on a FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED basis. So get started by clicking on the link below!

      Sorry! Link is user specific. & If you DIDNT Receive an Invite, you can click on the link in top of the post to sign up for the NEXT invite.

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Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals Freebies Smarty Pants Know It All Panelists