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      Mini First Aid Kit! Tuck band aids, alcohol wipes and a paper with

      emergency info on it in an empty bottle. Peel off the label, paint a red

      cross on the outside in nail polish and toss it in your purse.


      Crafty Storage! Fill empty bottles with craft items like googly eyes and

      beads. Use see through containers so you can grab what you need at a



      Crisp Salad! Salad soggy by lunch? Fill a clean bottle with dressing.

      Throw it in your lunch bag and wait until you are ready to eat to pour

      it on for a crisp and crunchy salad guaranteed.


      Hassle Free Watering! Punch a hole in the bottom of a bottle, remove the

      lid and slightly embed into the soil of a potted plant. Just pour in

      water and it will seep in at the perfect rate.


      Seed Sorter! Store seeds in individually labelled bottles. Not only will

      the seeds be organized but the bottles with protect them from light and



      Have lots of extra bottles lying around? Donate them to your local

      humane society or vet offices. They reuse them to package pills for


      Happiness is not so much in having as sharing.We make a living by what

      we get but we make a life by what we give.

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