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      My husband and I grew up 1/2 mile apart in the same area we live in now. The

      population of the city north of us about 30 miles is 19,000. We live south

      in an area comprised of about 300 homes scattered about. Wouldn’t give up my

      ranch/country lifestyle for anything. Born and raised with crops and

      critters. Simple life – gardening, iced tea on the back porch, wildlife

      coming in to see what’s edible (eeek! There goes my flowers and garden lol),

      friendly neighbors willing to help one another as needed or if needed. Quiet

      Currently as I write this (it’s 4:23 am), we have lightning and thunder off

      in the distance. Hope it brings some rain. 🙂

      This life works for me because I am not and have never been a “city” person,

      plus unlike a lot of people, I detest shopping of most any kind. 🙂



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