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      small town politics dictate everything. we live in a town of 340 +/- and while I do love the familiarness there are a lot of behind the scences happenings that are very much dependant on how you spell your name. It is a pain in the you know what to drive 45 to 60 mins to “town” but we just try to go no more than once a week and prefer to go every other week.

      the nearest “big” city is 2 1/2 hrs away but you can make do if you are willing to pay shipping online for items just not found anywhere near here. my advice would be to check out the local school if you have children (our community’s school is getting the squeeze and will be closed within the next year or two) check to make sure if you are religious that there is a church of your favor locally. Houses and taxes are cheaper in small towns but don’t forget to check gasoline, propane and heating oil prices as we tend to pay much higher here for those.

      Also groceries take a bigger chunk out of us in this town than when we lived in a much larger town (largest town in Maine without being a city population wise) Check to see if there are community clubs such as Recreation if you have kids, Historical if you plan to put down roots, fire dept if you or your hubby is so inclined to join the volunteer team etc. IMO in order to live small town you need to be involved and really develope a love for your town or you will be very lonely and miserable. I speak from 8 months experience on this one and only after we got out into the town did we start meeting people and really beginning to love where we are!

      in northern Maine

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      I would like to hear from people who live in small towns and see how they
      like it.

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