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      I met my husband when I lived in Dallas. He was a small town boy (about 1,000 at that time). I have never regretted the move!

      here are some reasons:
      the quiet, the neighbors that i actually know, the small cafe that we love to visit on saturdays (breakfast for about $ 8.00 with refills on the coffee…

      and all the locals who are full of info about the area), my garden (and trading what did well with my neighbors), the “family sized” church (not “metro sized”)…

      the down side? i would say the distance to shopping, but we have found we can make it a “day in town” and have fun, then go home to the country. in short…

      love it!

      hope that helps, linda

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      from: Nicole
      Sent: Monday, July 21, 2008 7:02 PM
      Subject: : Small town living

      My husband has a potential job offer in a small town. He hasn’t been
      given the salary amount yet but only the benefits. The area is quite
      low cost and is in a small town of $5,000 with not much around it for
      an hour to an hour and a half away.

      We could get a house for half the
      amount our own home is worth. We could use the equity in our home to
      either pay off my husband’s private school loans and put the remainder
      toward a house. We still need to visit the area and find out more.

      would like to hear from people who live in small towns and see how they
      like it. I am from a suburb of 120,000 and have a metro area 15 minutes
      away. It would be a big change.

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