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      I know this is old, but i love small town living. i am moving in 7 weeks to a

      very small town area, I am at the end of a dead end road, and no neighbors, and

      I am in heaven!!!!!!

      you have to plan a bit better, especially with gas prices….be sure you can

      handle not running out everytime you need something.

      but it’s awesome to me!!!!

      thomas & tracy harris

      tnt quarter horses home of:

      tnts jack be blue – 2004 aqha buckskin stallion

      tnts medicine man – 2005 AQHA Perlino Stallion

      Original Message

      From: Nicole

      Subject: : Small town living

      My husband has a potential job offer in a small town. He hasn’t been

      given the salary amount yet but only the benefits.

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