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      Well I live in Kansas City Missouri, no small town. And it’s just as friendly.

      We did get the baked goods when we moved. Everyone knows everyone in my area.

      People are friendly and helpful towards each other. I also grew up in a small

      town and my experience was actually quite different. My father and grandfather

      lived and died in that small town. Everyone knew my family and they knew that

      they were drunks. In school I was hopelessely picked on because of the family I

      came from. There was no making other friends or joining other groups. You were

      either in or out period. I would never want that for my children. sure the

      houses may be slightly cheaper. but the wages are even less percentage wise

      than the houses. the shopping is bad because there isn’t enough competition to

      drive the prices down. a kid has very few choices of jobs and is competing with

      all the grown-ups for the same jobs. so many small town people are afraid of

      the larger cities and even though they rarely rise above poverty they are just

      convinced that their little small town life is somehow better. i was introduced

      to pot, speed and other drugs at a very young age and actually treated quite

      badly because i never tried any of it even once.

      i do miss certain things about small town living. i miss the slower way of life

      and less traffic. i miss big yards…but i don’t even really have to miss that

      now since i live on an acre and have the small town living right here in the

      middle of a big city. i guess the only thing i long for is the space to have

      animals and especially chickens.


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      Hey..I live in a small town..There is nothing like in the morning going

      out and smelling the fresh air..

      I have three children and my kids are growing up like I did..Playing in

      the mud, growing veggies and then picking to see what they have accomplished..

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