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      We live in a small town of less that 1,000 people. We lived in town

      for 12 years until last year. It was nice to live in town,

      everything was in walking distance. But, I really wanted to get away

      from the traffic and being next to your neighbor. We moved out to

      the country last year (about 8 miles out of town). We live in a 1918

      old brick farmhouse with lots of character. We are on about an acre

      on a dead end road and absolutely love the peace and quiet and the

      ability to run around. We planted a garden this year for the first

      time & plan on doing some canning. We have apple trees and will be

      making apple pies to freeze soon.

      Living in a small community is nice. You really get to know quite a

      few people. I lived in a larger city, loved the extra shopping and

      restaurants, but decided I liked the country better. We still have

      restaurants & have to drive further to shopping, but you combine all

      of your trips into one big trip.


      — In, Lori wrote:


      > After spending all of my adult life in the DC metro area I moved to

      the small town where my husband lived when we got married.� It

      definitely took some getting used to.

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