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      At 07:03 AM 7/22/2008, you wrote:

      >I grew up in the country. Where everyone knew everyone. I like where

      >I live now since everything is within minutes. but i miss sitting on

      >the porch swing and just waving to everyone that goes by. and saying

      >hello to everyone just because it is the nice thing to do without an agenda.


      you can do that in a larger town/small city. i well remember the

      first wonderful day of warm weather after a really bad winter in fort

      smith, ar. almost everyone was driving around with windows down,

      enjoying the weather. as i approached one of the catholic churches,

      i saw people sticking hands out of the car and waving. as i got to

      the church, i saw one of the catholic clergy members sitting on one

      of the side pieces of the church’s sign, with a big smile on his

      face, waving and calling out “good morning”.

      ann in arknasas

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